Following the publication of Alex's story in the UK edition of MC magazine, she has gone global! Marie Claire Brazil got in touch and in summer '08 they reproduced the article for a South American audience. There is a link to this on our media coverage page (for those of you who are fluent in portugese!)


The A-Level department at Pontypool Campus recently welcomed a visiting speaker who gave a talk about the dangers of eating disorders.

The guest speaker was recovering anorexic Alex Corkran, and she held her packed audience of students and staff spellbound as she recounted her personal story of living with anorexia and bulimia in order to warn young people of the dangers.

Alex described her decline from being an average child, with a good home and loving parents, to becoming a terrified young adult spending long spells on psychiatric wards and in treatment centres. She also told of the distress her illness had caused her family, about the shock of almost suffering a heart attack aged 19, and of the long, hard road to recovery.

In sometimes graphic detail, Alex described the damage the disease had inflicted on her by the time she had reached her early 20s. Following her talk, Alex held a question and answer session, dealing clearly and confidently with sometimes searching questions from the audience.

A-Level Psychology Lecturer Paul Francis commented:-

"After reading a national newspaper article about Alex's brave battle with anorexia, I was keen to invite her to Pontypool Campus. The audience were clearly moved by her story and impressed by her confidence, sincerity and obvious determination to get her message across. During a Psychology lesson following the talk, members of the class agreed that it had been a powerful, intriguing and thought provoking event."

After her talk, Alex commented, I do hope that within the audience I spoke to, there were young people who took something positive from it. Often, doing a talk is the very beginning, opening a door to other things, and I am very much around as best as I can be, for follow up.


I, Alex Corkran - have been as busy as ever with my presentation on Self-esteem and Eating Disorders, but I am still on the lookout for more opportunities to speak to young people! The feedback has been consistently positive with a non-stop flow (thank you so much) of messages of appreciation and gratitude landing in the Springback inbox. In addition, many people have asked for help in many different ways, and I remain dedicated to providing this follow-up.

Since June, Charlotte has returned, providing her presentation on binge drinking, (after a brief pause from this in May when she became proud Mum to twins!) And she has retained her unmistakable vigour and a remarkable energy, and would love to visit your school soon with her highly topical and fittingly powerful presentation.

Erwin James has been making a name for himself in the schools he has visited and has generated a tremendously positive reaction from all who have heard him. I personally have to say a big thank you to Erwin, for being a great support in the development of Springback, whilst combining work in schools with all the other hard work he does - journalist, author, to name just a couple of his other roles.

Whats next?

We are delighted to welcome Ian Keable on board. Previously an accountant, he changed direction and became a magical comedian! His story of how this path unfolded is a good one and holds some valuable lessons for us all. His magical talents are an added bonus and I remain at a loss as to how he does it. But then, that'll be because it is magic! Further details of his presentation are available on request (and will shortly be posted on the website).

Charlotte, Erwin, Andy, Jamie, Tom, Martin, Ian and I all look forward to working with you in the coming academic year and we hope to see you soon.

With kind regards,

For more information and bookings email Alex or call on 07790 364784