running shoes 00:20:44 on Sunday, July 24 2011

Race for Life.  I did it!  I loved it!  I want to do it again! 

Wow, I was all over the place with nerves about it - I had never entered an event like that before (and I hadn't really trained for it either, I admit it!) but I was doing it with friends and it was so much FUN! 

I headed down to Alexandra Park in Hastings last sunday morning with Lisa, and we met up with Sharon (it's their fault that I signed up in the first place!) and we donned our pink fairy wings and joined in with the warm-up.  Then the heavens opened and we were "treated" to a refreshing pre-race shower.   Shivver.

After the starting whistle was sounded it took a while to get moving.  We were in the middle of the mob, and on a narrow, muddy path stuffed with race-for-lifers, it took a while before shuffling turned into walking into (eventually) jogging and a bit of running. 

It was a fabulous atmosphere and when my running feet were weary I felt so encouraged by all of those people out there supporting us and cheering us on.  How can you possibly stop running when you get that support?!  I found some go-faster spring in my step from time to time and kept going as much as I could.  I was cross with myself that I hadn't trained more - but it wasn't a competition, it was an event, and it was awesome to be a part of it. 

The serious runners crossed the finish line in serious-runners time.  I was well behind them, but I was ahead of my friends.  We had, however, promised to one another that we would end the race together, so a few yards before the finish line I stopped and waited a while and when Lisa and Sharon appeared I ran out with them, and THE PINK FAIRIES held hands and propelled their way to the end, happy, muddy, pink faced and laughing.

If you want to donate to this VITAL cause, it's not too late.  You can contact me, or go here.

Cancer affects us all, in some way.  What can you do, today, to make a difference?



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