sadness and loss 00:00:42 on Sunday, July 24 2011

An agonising and tragic time.  The reports from Norway are devastating.  "We just ran for our lives" says one survivor.  Another says "today I lost one friend, yesterday I lost about 3" God, what a savage and atrocious event.  Absolute agony and anguish for all those affected and my heart goes out to them. 

God bless the souls lost, and those left behind, drowning in grief.  I'm so sorry.

And Amy Winehouse has died.  What can I say.  Many will say "it was coming" and yes, I was one of those many who feared greatly for her life and felt that the odds were stacked against her as she battled with her addictions.  Addictive Disease has ripped another great talent away from this world.  In the grips of her addiction she was chaotic, crazy, and destructive.  In sobriety she was a kind, sweet, gifted young woman. 

When I first heard that Amy had died it took the wind out of my sails.  It still does.  I might not have known her personally or been an Amy Winehouse groupie, but I feel this loss in my core.  Amy was not weak, as some say - weak to succumb to lure of addiction.  She was strong - beyond belief - but so much of that strength was channelled in the wrong direction -  and it destroyed her.   I've heard all sorts of remarks, mainly via facebook, that imply absolutely NO understanding of Addiction and what it actually is.  Yes, she had choices.  Yes, she had help, some of the best help and treatment that the world offers.  But no, she didn't beat her demons, and today it appears that they beat her.

Rest in Peace Amy, I know people who were your friends, and of course there are your thousands of fans too, who are united in grief.  To those people who don't understand - well, I hope they can at the very least show some compassion for another life lost, gone too soon.

But for the Grace of God....



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