body balance rocks! 22:58:15 on Sunday, February 19 2012

I did the training.  I underwent the assessment.  I submitted my DVD.  I waited. And waited.  And got nervous......

I PASSED!!!!! Last October (sorry to keep you waiting) Surprised I got some really encouraging and supportive feedback - the team of assessors are incredibly thorough and detailed - you don't just get a "pass" or "fail" you get pages and pages of wonderfully indepth feedback........ so useful.

I was over the moon. I still am.

Passing was just the beginning.  To be honest, my confidence was not that far above rock-bottom because I had/have high expectations of myself as a Body Balance Presentor, and a huge desire to give something really precious and special - not just "instruct" but give, enrich, educate, and bring a smile into the hearts of participants.  Why so?  Because Body Balance can do that, if you get it right. And because I was wearing L-plates, learning, new, and more than slightly scared.

I now teach at least 2 (often more) BB classes a week and I LOVE IT!  I can see my confidence growing, I am finding it SO much easier already, to learn new choreography, to TRUST myself and BELIEVE that I can do this! 

If you don't know what Body Balance is, it's pretty much a yoga-to-music fitness class.  A delicious fusion of Yoga, T'ai Chi and Pilates. The music is beautiful, as a presenter I have to buy, train in, and learn new choreography every four months, and bring that into my class.  We bend, we stretch, we train, we tone, we twist, we get strong. And then we relax. 

On Thursday I "team-taught" with Debbie, she taught half the class, I taught the rest, including the relaxation.  The class ends with amaaaaaaaaaaaazing beautiful music, a chance for people to let go, rest, relax, and find some stillness and calm.  So important - for all of us. I've been asked, several times now, for my relaxation techniques to be bottled and sold....  I don't know why and I don't need to question it, but for whatever reason, when I talk people into a zone of calm and tranquility, whether it's by guided meditation or guided visualisation (and for both, I don't use a script I simply follow my heart) it seems to work.

And if it works for them, then it works for me.  I need to trust myself more, I can do this - I AM doing this! 

I am SO grateful to be a part of the universal Body Balance team.  Wow.



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